Howard Fullmers art is created from fired .22 caliber brass, most from the recycled discards of local shooting ranges. Brass is then rinsed and sorted according to it's naturally aged patina. Shells are then set into position, glued to 1/4" hardboard and sealed to prevent further oxidation. It takes roughly 20,000 .22 brass casings to form a broad

enough value spectrum to supply a 5000 piece image.


Larger caliber brass shells are collected for special projects and commissions. Sizes include: 9mm, 38 special, .40 and .45 caliber as well as .380. These are much more difficult to find in quantity and can take a couple of years to gather enough cartridges for a finished piece. In some cases, the commissioner will supply personal casings but with the understanding that time will be needed to age the brass to the proper patina.

Commissions are gratefully accepted in both .22 and larger caliber shells. Completion times vary depending on project.

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